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Maybe you're already busy, but feel that you're not making enough money, 

Or you need more enquiries & customers... You want to find more business?

Then this is for you.

How would you like some real business help - that gets your phone ringing with more customer enquiries?

  • Help to win more of the business that you quote?
  • Help that takes you out of always competing on price?
  • How about help to get you more Word-of-mouth referrals?
  • What about real help that makes business more profitable and less stressful?

Does this sound like something you'd want?

Then you're in the right place!

Discover how you can get more customers and more word of mouth referrals without cutting your prices

Our simple and easy to use marketing and sales process is low cost and often free to use.

Get ahead of your competition & stop competing on price.

Lets talk about it. Find out how you can do this.

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How to get more customers

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Gold Membership

Discover how you can get more word of mouth business.

Get more referrals and repeat business

Win more of the business you quote

Get your phone ringing with more enquiries

With our marketing help and advice - you can do it.

Membership & the Builders Profitable Marketing support

Platinum Membership

The Done With You Option

If you want to do some of your own marketing but want our help and advice as you go.

We'll teach you how to get more customers and we'll work alongside you to make sure it happens.

You get the membership, the Builders Profitable Marketing support and ongoing coaching to make it all work smoothly and reliably.

Diamond Membership

The Done For You Option

You have little or no interest in how the marketing happens. You just want more customers and you want us to make it happen.

We'll do all the marketing for you. We'll just deliver a steady flow of customer leads to you each month.

We will not work with any of your competitors - you have us exclusively.

You need Builders Profitable Marketing, Because...

Because you're only kidding yourself by thinking that being the best in your business or the cheapest is a competitive edge. It's not! Someone else will always be willing to work for less. Someone else can easily claim to be the best.

Using a little marketing, you can get ahead of your competition and stop competing for work on price. It honestly doesn't matter how good you are at your trade if you don't have enough customers and you're not getting paid enough.

It's not fair, yet it's true - someone with poorer quality work than you, and offering it at a lower price is getting your work. You need another way to compete rather than reducing your prices. That way is Builders Profitable Marketing.

"But I hate marketing!"... Marketing and Selling are the two most important parts of your business. Why?  Because they're the parts that bring the work. Yet most small businesses, especially builders, trades & crafts people do it badly or not at all.
The truth is that most small business owners hate selling. And they 'think' they hate marketing....

The reason most business owners hate selling is because of a bad experience with a 'slimey' salesman. You know - the 'Del Boy' type. The business owner doesn't want to be seen like that, so they avoid it. Also, selling can be tough. There's the whole rejection thing to deal with...

But why do they hate marketing? Too often it's because they confuse marketing with advertising. and the advertising they've done in the past has been a waste of money. They think that all marketing must be a waste of money. That's true to a point. Big brand marketing is a complete waste of money for a small business.

Builders Profitable Marketing is not like brand or image advertising. There's no waste, it's easy to do and understand and it gets you results fast. And done properly - the way we teach it, it doesn't cost you money - it makes you more money!

Do you want to make more profit and put more money in your pocket?  Are you working long hours?  
Do you want more time to spend with family or just have more time for fun?  
Does your business suffer from 'feast or famine' swings in custom?

Simple, Affordable & Effective Marketing

That's exactly what we'll show you how to do, to promote your business and attract more customers. No gimmicks, no expensive advertising and no empty promises. We'll teach you to do marketing that really works for small businesses. If you have a website, that's great. If you don't - No problem. We're going to help you get your phone ringing quickly using low cost tactics.

Results Guaranteed

We'll happily put our money where our mouth is. We know that if you use the tools that we teach, you're guaranteed to grow your business and make more money. There's nothing complicated to understand. Simple and Cheap to do!
If you try our membership or our services - and you don't get more business than you had before - we'll refund you gladly.

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Who is FMB Ireland? We were once in your shoes. Adrian McGivern has owned and operated 5 different trade businesses for over 22 years. He had been with the National Guild, ECSSA and the FMB UK - and even though they provide a membership, they are not able to help tradesmen generate more business. They don't provide any 'customer getting help' - we do!

It was by looking at how other businesses grew that he realised that he needed to do marketing differently. Not continue to do the same as he had been doing - the same as every other tradesman he knew. Over the past 9 years Adrian has invested heavily in learning small business marketing that gets real results. He gets huge returns in his own and his clients businesses.

When you join FMB Ireland or use our services - you have access to marketing skills and knowledge that have cost over €100k to get. Adrian McGivern is a certified and accomplished Digital Marketer, highly skilled in Google Adwords, FaceBook advertising and SEO. He is also a Certified Small Business Marketig Consultant with the Duct Tape Marketing Network, and a highly skilled copywriter.

So - why use us? There are several online market places for tradesmen. You may be familiar with them. A customer advertises a job that they want done, and tradesmen can bid on the job. How they operate varies a little, but in general, you as the tradesman must pay a monthly fee to get access to the jobs, and the site also takes a percentage of the job price from you when it's completed. Essentially - you put your services up for auction with these sites.

Why are we different? We'll teach you how to generate your own business - so that you are not competing with anyone else on price alone. We'll teach you how to differentiate your business and how to run advertising that gets way more customers than you otherwise could. We'll show you tested and proven low-cost ways to get more customers... Or if you prefer, we'll do it for you.

FMB Ireland
Unit 1.  77 Sir John Rogersons Quay.
Dublin 2

Tel: 01-4851177