Do you have the spark of enthusiasm?

Do you enjoy running your business – or has it turned into just a job?
Can you remember the first weeks when you started out on your own? Can you remember how you felt then? Excited, Nervous, Probably a little worried about it – wondering if you were doing the right thing?

Do you remember getting your first contract or job? And how that felt to you when you got “the go-ahead”?

When we’ve been running our own businesses for more than a couple of years – the excitement can wear off. and it does – unless you can get the spark going again.

A few years ago, I got fairly pe’ed off with my own business. I had taken my eye off the ball and was coasting.

Before I knew it I was back where I had started – competing will all the mediocre competitors for business. I was a me too business (that’s what I call them!).

This is true – I .think I just got worn down by the bull in the news all the time. Doom and gloom every where you turned.

I’m not sure how or why, but I got up one morning and a switch just seemed to come on. I had stopped reading the papers, stopped listening to the last word – which had been my favourite radio show in the evenings.
I basically removed the “doomsters” from my life.

Unfortunately – that included one or two individuals who I just felt sucked the happiness from my life every time I talked to them.

It’s definitely tough when you are in business on your own. And on that note, its definitely important who you mix with and who you allow to influence where you life takes you.

You need to have positive and intelligent people around you – to bounce ideas off, to provide morale support when you need it and to set you straight when your heading off in the wrong direction.

I had been reading a lot about goal setting and motivation and at the same time I went to a business award ceremony in the UK. One of the awards was for Entrepreneur of the year. Entrants had to submit a video as part of their application.

When the winner was announced, the organisers showed us a video for her winning entry. It was probably one of the biggest influences on me in my business life.

It seriously made me realise why I went into business in the first place – for my family and myself. I think all together I gave myself a kick up the ass to get going again.

That was how I found my spark again – and as long as I keep those those thoughts in mind – and choose how I am going to feel about the day – and say NO and ‘go away’ to those who want to suck the happiness out of me – I hold onto my happiness with both hands!

We can all have crap days. Days when nothing seems to go right and everyone appears to be against you.

But if you can get your spark going again – and you can – you will be able to stay motivated and in control.

If you are happy and motivated – it shows, and it rubs off on those around you – including your customers.

Have a great day.

Can you spend likes?

Can you spend likes?

Have you tried paying your mortgage or your rent with likes?
No, I didn’t think so!

So beware of the latest scam artists, calling you up out of the blue and offering to help your facebook page to get 500 or more likes!

I had one of these calls after lunchtime today. I let the guy blather away for a while to see where he would lead… In the end, the business he works for was offering to get your facebook page 500 likes per month for €250 a month….

Depending on your perspective, you might think that’s not bad. But have you ever tried to bank likes? Will your staff or suppliers accept likes for payment?
I don’t think so.
I my humble opinion, There is NO value in getting likes.
The only value is getting customers to give you EURO’s that you can lodge in the bank.
Any promotional activity that you do – if it cant be tracked to putting money in the bank – it’s not worth doing.
Forget about brand building and brand identity and all that BS. You’re not Lever Brothers or Coca Cola – leave the brand identity crap to those guys with more money than they know what to do with.

For the small business owners like us – living in the real world – it’s only making money that counts. It’s the only measurement that matters.

The facebook like guy – he seemed liek a nice enough guy n the phone – an probably is – but you could tell by the shouting in the background that he was working in one of those pressure sales rooms in the UK – run by scamsters. It’s the same type of scam as the Google pay-per-click guys that ring you up now and then selling cheap google advertising.
Never, ever fall for these guys – mostly English or Indians…

Facebook advertising can bring you a lot of customers – but not the way that they sell it.
If you want to use Facebook advertising for small business – make sure that you are using it to send traffic to a landing page where you can get them to leave their contact details. This is one of our tools for growing your business and there is a complete step by step training for our members in the vault on this topic.

Making your business magnetic to the type of people who are actively seeking the services thet you provide is one very efective way of growing your business, while keeping the cost of promotion to the minimum.

Chat later.

Can You Make a Profit?

Is Profit a dirty word??? I had a conversation a few days ago with one new member who told me that he had been seriously been considering packing it in (he is a small builder) – to look for something else… He told me that in his town – Profit is a dirty word… What do you think of that??? Over the past 8 years we have, as a nation, been pretty pee’d off with umpteen stories about big developers and bankers who made massive profits (and ruined the country along the way) – and lets not leave out the crooked politicians in case we forget who had a massive hand in it! Anyway, we’ve been conditioned by all the storied in the media to associate profits with bad and or corrupt people – Profit=BAD…. The Socialists and the shinners would also have us believe that profit = bad people. Don’t fall for that for one minute… If it wasn’t for the opportunity to make a wee bit of profit – we would all be looking for a job with the state – and if Sinn Fein get into the Dail, they might just take back all the land and create a state building firm – maybe re-name sisk as Risk??? Ok enough of that… Back to profit… The opportunity to make a wee bit of a profit is what gate you the incentive to go out on your own and start your own business. It’s what you took the risk for. A bit of profit would allow you to move house, get a new car, have a better life style for your family – all good reasons – so why is it a bad word? It’s the reward for your hard work. for getting up early in the morning and working late in the evening. It’s the incentive that you need to take a new employee on, to buy a new van, or new drill. It’s what keeps you gong when the going gets tough. It stops you thinking “I’m as well off on the dole”. It’s the opportunity to make a profit that keeps the wheels of the economy turning. Otherwise – we turn into the Greeks. Socialism and equality have been tried in other countries – and they’ve failed – so what will make it different here??? Nothing good can come from it. Blame the bankers, the politicians and the big developers who made massive profits (totally unimaginable profits for us mortals) – blame them and lets have them properly punished for the damage they caused us for the last 8 years – but don’t blame the small builder who was just trying to a decent profit. That’s the incentive you need now to get up of your back side and get cracking again! There’s a lot of work to be done – so what are you waiting on? (By the way – I’m not down on SF – I don’t think that a social experiment is going to help any of us – except those who don’t want to work. .. in my humble opinion – most of our politicians are a disgrace – they will all look after their own self centred adjenda.The independents are probably the pick of them.)



FMBI is here to help small businesses in Ireland to get more customers, make more money and grow your business. We do that by teaching small business owners to get good at marketing their businesses. Attract more customers by generating more business leads fro the type of people that you would like to do business with, who are looking for the services that you provide and becoming an expert in your business area. Do you have a lead generation website?

Annoying Your Competition?? Your doing a great job!

Just a real quick note.

How should you feel about someone complaining about your service and giving out to you….. Not because your service is poor, or too expensive, or you’ve let them down! Nothing like that at all…

We had several phone calls today from one of our competitors – complaining because they don’t want to compete with us and (not blowing our own trumpet) but because we do a really good job for our customers, we’re highlighting just how badly our competitor is treating their customers.

How do you think you would feel about that?

At first I was annoyed, then a little nervous, because they started threatening us (only for about 2 minutes, okay maybe 3), then I realised we should be really pleased – because it re-enforces what lots of our customers tell us – we do a really good job for them.

So the moral of the story is… don’t be put off by the competition.
If you believe that what you are doing is right, and your service is much more superior – keep going.
Don’t let the competition bully you out of their market.

Our competition is much larger, more established – but the’ve gotten… well lets leave it there!

It’s not our fault that we work hard for our members and give them what they want and need – or is it??

Answers on a postcard please…








The FMBI is set up to help small businesses in Ireland to get more customers and grow your business. We do this by teaching you about effective small business marketing – the way that it should be done to get loads of customers and not spend a fortune on small business advertising. Someone taught you how to do your trade well – but no one told you how to get customers – because they didn’t know either.

Every small business owner is a salesperson whether they know it or not. Hopefully, if you’ve been in business a while – you will do a decent job at sales. But how do you generate leads and prospects for your business. Do you have a lead generation website?


Why Does Your Business Need A Website?

Why do You Need a Web site?

Unless you’ve been locked away in a cave somewhere for the last X years, you will have almost always used one means of finding a supplier or business…. and that means of finding thing is… Google!!!

…and if you want to be found on Google – you’ll be found much easier if you have a web site!

You might reply – but I have a Facebook page – or it’s expensive to get a website – or maybe there’s another excuse …

Starting with Facebook – Google doesn’t have a great affinity for facebook – and unless there are no other results that closely match what you are searching for – Google won’t display a facebook on page 1.
Add to that, a Facebook page, unless it’s been set up specifically for your business, is generally not the best first impression you want to give a prospective customer.

A web site, properly designed to attract prospective customers (they only become customers when they begin to spend money with you), will be your opportunity to target your IDEAL customers.

After all, there’s no point attracting people who want the cheapest supplier/builder/ tradesman? Is there? You want to attract the people who you would like to work with as customers. Bingo!

So is a web site expensive? Well if you get a web designer who wants to build you their dream site – with all the bells and whistles, and might win them a design award – then yes – it probably will be expensive.

On the other hand – if you want a site that’s designed specifically to attract the right type of customer and encourage them to contact you – look professional, but not too flash – then no it wont – and especially if you are using our discount voucher…

Get in touch with us – even if it’s only for a quick chat about getting your site started.

Talk soon!