Do you know what she wants?

Do you?

Okay, so before you get any funny ideas – that doesn’t have a double meaning.

She is your customer – or more accurately – your prospective customer.

So, do you really know what she wants, or do you just think you know what your customers need? do you know the difference? If not, its time to get your thinking cap on. There’s a huge difference between wants and needs, and its important that you’re aware of it.

Here goes.

People don’t buy what they need.

No – they don’t.

People buy what they want!

Now you can argue about this if you want, but its proven day in and day out. They almost always buy what they want.

Here’s proof. You loose your phone and need a new one. Note that you NEED a new phone.

You could buy a cheap 2nd hand Nokia on ebay for a tenner, or even splash out ¬†and buy a new Nokia for about thirty quid. But would you? No. You go looking for the latest Samsung or an Apple Iphone – because that’s what you want.

Your car starts to give trouble, so you need to change it to a newer model with less miles – or a new one. Do you go out and buy yourself a little Kia Rio – its a car, has four wheels and an engine. It’s cheap – would you buy it? Probably not. there’s a lot of new and pretty fresh BMW’s and Audi’s on the roads. Did these people buy what they needed – or did they buy what they wanted.

Need I go further?

I rest my case. do you see that price often does not come into the equation when people are making a decision to buy. Unless of course they don’t have any money – but you should be looking to sell your services to customers who have money. Ignore the ones who don’t. Let someone else sell to them…. Not your problem.

You might take exception to my comment. Am I being elitest or a snob. No certainly not. If you know my background – you’ll know that couldn’t be further form the truth.

Its not being a snob -its just common sense. Sell to people who have money – because they’re able and willing to pay you more – if you’re providing them value.

Look, I’ve been poor. Penniless. Broke and borrowing.

I am not going back there.

There’s no shame in that.

There is shame in staying broke and poor. especially when you have the ability and the means to change your fortunes.

So to end, I’m gonna tell you that the quickest way to changing your fortunes is to get customers who have money to spend. Find out what they want and give it to them. forget about what you THINK they need.

It’s all about what they NEED!

Chat later