How to get more customers for your kitchen business

How to get more customers for your kitchen business

Do you wonder about how to get more customers for your kitchen business? If I helped you to get more enquiries for your business, and I helped you to make more sales from those enquiries – could you manage the extra workload?

If your answer is yes, I’d like to speak to you – very soon.

Here’s why.

I’ve been busy working on a new business growth program for kitchen businesses. That means you – if you design, build and install new kitchens, or if you renovate / replace existing kitchens.

It’s developed just for businesses like yours – and it will help you generate more leads/  enquiries, make more sales to those enquiries, and put more money in your pocket. This is not about cutting prices or working on the cheap. There’s way too much of that going on already – so lets stay cleat of that.

If anything, what I teach will help you increase your prices – and every job you do should be making you more money – not less!

How to get more customers for your kitchen business – and fast!

How fast? Well if your absolutely desperate for a few bucks to pay the wages this week – I’m probably not your man. This is not a magic bullet or a get rich quick scheme. It is low cost, easy to understand and highly effective marketing and sales. Small business marketing and sales – nothing fancy that is gonna be complicated or expensive. Most of all, it works.

I’ve spent the past four months refining and documenting it. I’ve tested it with two businesses of my own and my families. It works.

How fast does it work – or how long to see results? It safe to say that you will see big results somewhere between 2-3 months.

Think of it like this. Kitchens are not an impulse buy!

You might wake up on a Saturday morning and decide to go out and buy new shoes. But most people will take their time about deciding on a new kitchen.

If it’s for a new house, an extension or renovation – there will be months in the planning, and your customers will take weeks to decide on a design and then a supplier. If it’s a kitchen renovation or replacement, it might be a future event that triggers the need – like a forthcoming wedding. Again, you’re looking at months.

So, with those thoughts in mind – know in advance that there is unlikely to be an overnight success with this. It will take at least a few months. You’ll probably begin to see more leads and enquiries within weeks – but there will be a lead-time to the sales!

We need to talk – real soon!

Why – because I want 5 businesses – like yours to take part in a free trial of my new business growth system. Free. No costs to you and no strings. It’s a trial that will help you generate more sales, and make more money, and it will cost you nothing. All I want from the businesses is an honest effort to make it work and feedback along the way on any improvements that you would like.

We are gonna be rolling this out across the country in a few months to many more businesses, but I want to make sure it’s just right before we do.

It’s free to the first 5 businesses that we choose to work with.

Interested in being one of the five?

Then get in touch soon. email me at with your name and contact number and I’ll be in touch with you.

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