Annoying Your Competition?? Your doing a great job!

Just a real quick note.

How should you feel about someone complaining about your service and giving out to you….. Not because your service is poor, or too expensive, or you’ve let them down! Nothing like that at all…

We had several phone calls today from one of our competitors – complaining because they don’t want to compete with us and (not blowing our own trumpet) but because we do a really good job for our customers, we’re highlighting just how badly our competitor is treating their customers.

How do you think you would feel about that?

At first I was annoyed, then a little nervous, because they started threatening us (only for about 2 minutes, okay maybe 3), then I realised we should be really pleased – because it re-enforces what lots of our customers tell us – we do a really good job for them.

So the moral of the story is… don’t be put off by the competition.
If you believe that what you are doing is right, and your service is much more superior – keep going.
Don’t let the competition bully you out of their market.

Our competition is much larger, more established – but the’ve gotten… well lets leave it there!

It’s not our fault that we work hard for our members and give them what they want and need – or is it??

Answers on a postcard please…








The FMBI is set up to help small businesses in Ireland to get more customers and grow your business. We do this by teaching you about effective small business marketing – the way that it should be done to get loads of customers and not spend a fortune on small business advertising. Someone taught you how to do your trade well – but no one told you how to get customers – because they didn’t know either.

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