Boiler Repair Dublin

Boiler Repair Dublin

Are you in need of more Boiler Repair Dublin calls and enquiries?
Would you like to get more of this type of work for your business?
Are you a general plumber working on your own, or do you have a larger heating and plumbing contracting business?
Do you offer Boiler repair as one of several services that you provide? Or do you specialise in the repair and maintenance of gas and oil boilers?

How would you like more customers for your heating repair business – call Adrian on 01-4851177

boiler repair Dublin

If you’re interested in Boiler repair Dublin – then take a couple of minutes to watch our other related videos here


Are you looking for more Boiler repair Dublin work?

The maintenance and repair of gas and oil boilers provides a nice steady flow of work, that isn’t, heavy or back breaking and suits many plumbers as the get older and wiser.
Just think how many boilers there are in Dublin city alone? Every house and apartment has a boiler – most of them on natural gas. And they all need to be maintained. And lots of them will break down. Anything that is mechanical or electrical will break down and give trouble at some time. It’s only a matter of when that time is…

This video shows how we can help if you are in the Boiler repair Dublin business

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If your business is in the heating repair industry, or you have a general plumbing business – what you’ll find here can change everything.

If I was in the heating and plumbing business, I would definitely cherry pick the less strenuous work, over the heavy, dirty work. One of the less strenuous tasks in the plumbing industry is the maintenance and repair of boilers. and it’s clean work. And in winter, it’s nice dry work.

You’ll not be out in the rain and the cold in winter.
Chances are pretty good that there’ll be a cuppa and a biscuit for you while you work – that’s assuming you’re a nice person. (I’ve always been offered coffee and buns or biscuits while I work. Maybe that says a lot about my personality?? Haha).

Have you a minute? if it’s ok, I’d like to ask a couple of short questions?

Nothing personal, but on average, how many emails or enquiries do you get each month via your site? Loads, or maybe not many?

Could you handle more calls?

If you’re already flat out, then the last thing you need is more calls for Boiler repair Dublin adding to your misery… right?
But there’s another way of looking at it. If you have more calls coming than you can really handle – you have three choices. !.
Take on more staff and then cherry pick the work you enjoy for yourself. Take the boiler repair work Dublin and leave the dirty work for your staff.

Or 2, if you’re getting too many calls on a regular basis – just increase your prices. Seriously. Put your prices up by 5 or 10 percent and you’ve just got a pay rise for no extra work. Yes, some of the calls are tyre kickers and price shoppers – but they were gonna look for the lowest price anyway – so no harm done.

But many of the callers just want their problems solved. If it costs a little more (within reason), they won’t mind. Look, most people just want a reliable, quality service. They want to pay for a good job and they want the heating fixed.

Price is a secondary concern when the boiler is broken and they’ve no hot water. And 3, if you’ve lots of calls coming in, you can pick and choose the work that suits you.

Choose only to work within a certain radius of home. Cut down on travel time.
Stay out of the heavy traffic. Do only the type of work that you like. Whatever.

But if you have enough calls for Boiler repair Dublin – you can do this, and not effect your income.

Would you want to grow your business? Could you handle more customers?

You can contact me at or phone our office at 01-4851177

I help businesses, just like your’s to get more customers via your website and Google. How? By getting your site listed on page 1.
There are hundreds of thousands of heating boilers in homes and businesses across the country.
They all need maintaining. when they break down, their owner turns to google to find help – most often searching for Boiler repair Dublin – more than any other term.

If you’re found on page 1 of this search – you’re landed.
There are 10 organic listings on every page of the search results. Only 10. If your business is listed in the top 5 results on page 1, you’re getting a share of over 70% of the searches. That’s 70 out of every 100 people who search for Boiler repair Dublin will contact the first 5 listings.

How’s your business doing? Are you busy? How’d you like to get more calls, enquiries and work for how to do Boiler repair Dublin?

You may be flat out, and in that case, you may not want any more calls? But is it always like that?


If we could wave a magic wand over your heating and plumbing repair business – what  type of work would you prefer to do more the time? What’s the most enjoyable, or more profitable work you can do?

Have you ever thought you’d like to focus on just one or two aspects of your business – but never had enough of those enquiries to justify doing that?


Our SEO program can help you with getting more Boiler repair Dublin business

Is your business in general heating plumbing service or is heating boiler servicing you main focus? Are you repairing boilers, oil or gas, and gas boiler replacement work – and not just in Dublin, as your main business. Anywhere that you choose to do so? You could get more heating repair business from the web and anywhere that you can get customers and is convenient and economical to travel to.


Yeah, I know, you’re suspicious? Don’t believe it’s possible? It’s okay to be wary of marketing. Maybe, you think advertising & marketing is a waste of your money because you paid for it before and you didn’t get any or many phone calls? Is that true??


Many guys I know in a trade or in home services type business have felt the same before they seen the proof. Not just plumbers! You are not alone!


Hey, I completely understand how you feel. I’ve been in your shoes. I’ve run trade businesses, just like yours. ( No, not boiler repair Dublin )

In distant the past, when I needed more work to keep my guys busy, and I spent money that I couldn’t really afford to waste – on newspaper and magazine ads and didn’t get any calls.


That can leave a bad taste in your mouth. Maybe it’s a bit like the kerosene that you once sucked up once, while bleeding that boiler for Mrs Murphy!


But hang on a minute… You do have a minute (or two), do you?


Is this whats wrong… You maybe feel that word-of-mouth marketing is the best form of advertising? Lots of your competitors think the same. I’m not gonna argue. It is good. But you should not make it your only way of bringing in new business.

You shouldn’t rely on just one way of getting customers. What happens if that source of customers dries up?


I’m not suggesting that you should follow me blindly – but the web is a huge source of new business. Massive. I’ve helped some businesses get anywhere between an extra 60 and over 100 new calls a week – just by getting them onto page 1 of Google.

Get our help and get your business found for Boiler Repair Dublin

My thing is SEO – search engine optimisation. Mostly SEO for trade and local service type businesses like yours.

SEO for Boiler repair isn’t like any other advertising that you’ve paid for before. It certainly isn’t when you work with me. I guarantee to get you onto page 1 and fast. Page 1 of the Google search results is where the customers are looking for your services – but if you’re not there, well….


When someones’ boiler breaks down – where to they look for help?


Most go to the same place….


Check out this sheet for links to all our Boiler repair Dublin videos


They go to Google.


Most will search for boiler repair Dublin,  or maybe Malahide Or Stepaside, or Bray, or Monkstown. They will search for boiler repair Dublin or wherever they live.


The big question is, will they find you?

And will they find you on page 1?


Over 70% of the clicks for a search go to the first 6 positions in the organic results. About 11% to the AdWords results at the top of the page. And aprox 15% go to the 3 listings in the Map pack.

If you’re interested in getting more business, trust Google to deliver it to you – but only if you’re found on page 1 of the search results for boiler repair Dublin


My name is Adrian McGivern and I help business owners like you to get found on page 1, to get you more calls and get more customers.

You can contact me at or phone our office at 01-4851177