Build your own little prison!

Most of us start our own business with great intentions.

We want to make more money. You might word it differently, but when you boil it right down, that was the real reason why.

You might say that you want more time off when you want it (that means you need more money). You might say that you wanted to travel more (that takes more money), maybe move home (again, more money). Whether you want more freedom, more income security, a better standard of life, be able to spend time with family, etc., it all means you needed to earn more money.

But is that what you got? the honest answer for most is a big no.

What you really got, and it’s what most small business owners get, is a life of self imposed slavery. You build you’re own little private prison – just for you!

You’re working longer hours now and probably for a lot less per hour than you got working in a job!

So Sherlock, what’s the solution?

First we’d need to look at the overall business to see how it’s performing right now. You wouldn’t be happy with your doctor if he gate you a prescription without trying to diagnose your illness first.

Then we’d look at the three important measurements. How many leads or enquiries does the business get. How many of these enquiries are being converted to customers. And lastly, how much profit is being made per customer.

That’s putting is fairly simply. there’s actually quite a bit more that goes on, than that, but it’s enough detail for now.

It’s also important to know how the enquiries are being created or generated. Is it deliberate, or are they finding you by accident. For many small businesses, it’s actually more by accident than by design.

There are so many small changes that businesses could make to improve their income. Small changes that would be low cost to implement, yet they would have massive benefits for the business. Why is there so little attention being paid?

For most, it’s part lack of understanding, part not knowing what to do and then not knowing where to start.

We’ll for that, we are here to help. Call us for a free Marketing Audit and see how you can make some quick gains in your business.