Builders Profitable Marketing

Can builders profitable marketing be a reality? It can if you do it our way.

Most builders and tradesmen associate advertising as a compete waste of money… “No-one ever calls!” is a very common complaint. “Advertising doesn’t work” is another. If you’ve taken an advert in the golden pages/ yellow pages, this will be your gripe. And there’s a very good reason that it doesn’t work for you. I’ll explain a bit further on. But that’s not something that you’ll not hear from our members – because we teach them to take a different approach to any advertising that they do. We teach them to do Builders Profitable Marketing.

Is marketing and advertising the same?

Definitely Not. Advertising is only one aspect of marketing – as is email, Facebook ads, your website, business cards, etc. Advertising is just one tool in the marketing tool kit. It’s the one part of marketing that most small businesses think of – and generally for the wrong reasons. Most small businesses loose money on their advertising, and this leaves everyone with a poor opinion of marketing.

There’s a few reasons for that. The first reason is because most small businesses advertise as if they were big businesses – they do brand advertising. Brand advertising is fine for big companies, with big budgets. They are only looking to be remembered – not to sell directly from the advert. For example – McDonalds and Coke don’t expect ¬†you to jump up from the TV, and run down town to gram a Big Mac or a Coke. But they are hoping that f they pt their ads in front of you often enough – the next time you feel hungry or thirsty – you’ll think McDonald’s or Coke.

As a small business, you can’t afford to do the repetitive advertising that big brand advertisers can.

The second reason is that if you run an advert – it will very probably look very similar to all the other adverts in your category. It’s very rare that one advert will stand out and attract more attention than the others. If you don’t believe me, pick up a copy of the phone book and have a flick through it.

However – you can afford to do advertising that will generate more business than it costs to run the adverts. Here’s a hint – think of a salesman in print.

Builders Profitable Marketing is simple, affordable and effective marketing that works for any small business. To find out more simply email Adrian on or call our office (there’s 24hour answering) and we’ll be only to happy to have a chat with you.