How to get more business enquiries

How to get more business enquiries

Too few leads?
… Or too many at once? Do you want to know how to get more business enquiries?

What are you doing to generate leads for your business? Leads as in new enquiries, or customer leads – not dog leads!

For most businesses, the problem is more often a lack of good enquiries. ‘Good’ meaning that there is a real prospect of them actually turning into an order and work.

How to get more business enquiries

Part of life, for many small business owners, is dealing with a feast or famine of business. That swing from too little work, to too much is hard to manage.

Especially so if you have employees. But even if you work alone, it’s hard to manage the cashflow. The bills keep coming, even if the work doesn’t.

I’m sure you’d rather have the problem of too many enquiries than too few…
At least if you have lots of enquiries, you can pick and choose the customers and the work that’s best suited to you!

If you don’t have enough business leads, you’re often forced into taking what’s available.

Why does this happen – the feast and famine?

Usually its just because there’s no planned marketing going on. That’s no-ones fault. Certainly not the tradesman.

Trade/craft and many construction businesses are quite different from most others (retailers, distribution, manufacturers) in that most were started by the tradesman who decided that he (or she) no longer wanted to work for someone else.

Maybe you spotted an opportunity to provide your service at a better price than others, better quality than others, or just be able to make more money for yourself.

Nothing wrong with any of that. Well done for taking the chance and going for it.

But the big difference is that you learned your trade skills. You learned how to do great work. No one told you anything about marketing or selling.

To be fair, most tradesmen hate the idea of selling. Do you?

How to get more business enquiries

You’ve been told that if you just do great work, that word of mouth will bring more work. And it does. Great work gets talked about. You get referred to friends and family of your existing customers.

But there’s one problem.

It happens by chance!
Word of mouth is left to Lady Luck.

Yes, lots of business try advertising too. But very often we hear the complaint that advertising doesn’t work or it’s a waste of money.

And that’s very often true. It is often a waste of money because no-ones showing you how to do advertising that works for small businesses. That’s mostly the fault of the people selling the advertising. They sell brand advertising – that’s the type that big businesses do – to keep their brand names in our heads. But they have big budgets and are happy to spend lorry-loads of money to do this. You didn’t know – you just wanted help on how to get more business enquiries

You probably don’t have that kind of money available. I know I don’t. If we do brand advertising – 9 times out of 10, we’re gonna fail.

What’s the alternative?

That’s something that we share with our members. As well as helping them to make word of mouth work reliably, and in a planned way…

Would you like to know how to get more business enquiries

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How to Get Found in Google Maps

Why is it so important to get found in Google Maps?

When someone searches for your service, you want to get found in Google Maps – as well as in the organic search results.


The maps results are displayed at the top of the page – ahead of the organic listings.


How do you get found in Google Maps?



What can you do to get found in Google Maps?

Getting found in the Search Rankings

Why is it so important to be found in the search rankings?

Getting found on page 1 of the search rankings is kinda important if you want to get visitors to your website…

Having spoken to hundreds of small business owners – I learned a long time ago that there’s a huge misunderstanding about search rankings and getting found online.

Many people automatically assume that their customers are searching for them by name – well a large proportion of business owners anyway.
They’re not.

Let’s assume for a minute that you trade as Shane’s Plumbing Service. Lots of your existing customers know you and they’ll have your number in their phone. Many will have your number saved as Plumber Shane, or Shane Plumber. When they need a plumber, they may search their phone contact list for plumber more often than they’ll search for Shane.

Now, what about people who have never dealt with you before They’re just gonna search for “plumber in Whitecross”, or” emergency plumber”, or “plumber near me” – or something like that. They’re not gonna search for Shane’s plumbing service anyway…

So with that in mind – you’re now competing with every other plumber near you.

No pressure!

search rankings

Suddenly search rankings are important!

The first place you’ll want to appear is in the Maps section. There are only 3 places in Google Maps. No. 1 gets more clicks than the other 2 combined.

After Maps there are the Adwords links. These are paid positions. In many local searches outside the cities, there’s not any local competition. You may well have national competitors (big franchises or national companies), bit Bill the plumber from down the road is unlikely to be using Adwords (that’s his loss!)

A really smart business owner will be using adwords for exact match searches – such as Plumber in Whitecross, or Emergency plumber in Whitecross, etc.

Because when you have your town or area in the search phrase, you can be pretty darned sure that you’re only gonna get found by people who really, really want your services. An exact match like this is not gonna get searched accidentally!

What other search rankings are there?

I’ve left the big one to last!

In the organic search rankings on page 1, there are 10 spots.

Even though there are 10 – you’d really want to be found in the top 5 – and ideally in the top 3.

Why? Because most searches are done on a mobile phone – and the top 5 results are seen if there are no adwords and no Maps listings. It’s aprox 70% of the clicks that g to the top 3 results when there are no Adwords or Maps listings – and 60% to the number 1 spot!

Are you on the top of page 2 in the search rankings? Congrats! Less than 5% of the clicks go to page 2 – so if you’re at the top of page 2 – you will double your business quickly by getting to page 1!

Search engine optimisation is the magic ingredient, that when added to any website – gets it found on page 1.

Listen. This is not something that most business owners will learn overnight. It’s something that’s a profession all in itself. A science really. Google keeps moving the goal posts – so it’s one profession that there really is an absolute need to stay on top of the changes.

I do that! In a big way.
I love SEO – and marketing in general. This is my hobby, my past-time as well as my profession.


If you’d like to know how you can get your business to page 1, get in touch. Contact me – even if it’s only for a bit of advice on what you’ll need to do. I’m a marketing geek – and I love chatting with people who want to get better at marketing their businesses.


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Kitchen Marketing Ideas

Kitchen Marketing Ideas

Are you in the kitchen trade? Do you design, build and install fitted kitchens, or do you renovate or refurbish existing kitchens? You’ve come to the right place. Here are a few Kitchen Marketing Ideas to get your brain ticking over.

Kitchen Marketing Ideas

Marketing your kitchen showroom is not as easy as it used to be.  There was a time when the Golden /  Yellow Page ads and referrals were all you needed to successfully market your showroom – those days are gone.  Today you have dozens of new opportunities and options, many of which you barely understand but today’s shoppers use religiously!

These professional marketing tips, provided by industry marketing experts will help you in your efforts to market, advertise and brand your showroom.  If you are looking for specific help for your showroom, or want to ask a question – please contact us by using the form or contact information on the contact page.

Kitchen Marketing Ideas

It’s spring!  Flowers and trees are blooming, pollen is aggravating allergies and the home show circuit is in high gear for many.  But some kitchen and bath professionals refuse to participate.  Kitchen Marketing Ideas. They tell me that when you combine all the hassles – too many days away from the showroom, cost of participation, a logistics nightmare and a poor return on the investment – it’s just not worth it.  I contend they should redefine their goals.  So whether you are a serial participant or avoid home shows like the plague, prior to the next one rethink your involvement based on these 3 tips to getting the most out of your home show experience.  They are nothing to sneeze at…

1) Why Am I Here?

Homeowners participating in spring home shows are typically motivated buyers.  They have been cooped up inside all winter.  They have prepared holiday meals in outdated kitchens they hate, and hosted relatives in bathrooms that have seen better days, all the while hoping you will come to their rescue before the next holiday season.  They attend the show to begin the renovation process.  You should attend the show to begin the renovation conversation – if you schedule a follow-up appointment that’s a bonus – if you make a sale that’s amazing!

Attend with the right attitude… you are there to meet motivated buyers and begin the conversation.  Set realistic goals.

2) You’re Invited…

Follow up the show two weeks (or so) later with an invitation-only open house at your showroom.  Make it a classy event; a wine and cheese or similar drop-in event.  Ask your reps to join you.  As you speak to homeowners at the show, if they appear to be great prospects, but are hesitant to commit to an appointment, hand them a [professionally] printed invitation to the event.  Let them know this is exclusive, there is no obligation and that it gives them the opportunity to get to know you and your work better in a more relaxed atmosphere than the show floor.

3) Let’s Talk …Later

Assuming you agree with the assertion that a home show provides the opportunity to begin a conversation with many of the people you meet, you want to collect, as well as disseminate information designed to develop and maintain a dialog.  Therefore, short of a signed contract, the most important thing you can walk away with is contact info – particularly an email address (and cell phone number, as a close second).  To collect that information, give away a prize at your booth.  It doesn’t have to be related to kitchen and bath projects, although it can.  Some ideas – a large HDTV, gift cards, a major appliance with free delivery and installation; just be sure the prize is valuable enough to encourage [a lot of] participation. To be eligible to win, the homeowner must complete a form including all contact info.  Winners can be announced on Monday following the show by email or text; just to be sure you get legitimate information.

You should also hand out business cards with your Facebook, Twitter, Houzz, Kitchen & Bath Channel and other social media sites, along with the message to “follow” to receive the latest information on specials, new products, contests, events and more.

As you pack up, you should your measure success by the number of new email addresses and phone numbers you gathered.   With proper post-show follow-up, ongoing conversations, timely social media posts, your amazing design talents and expert closing capabilities, the home show will pay for itself and make all the hassles pale in comparison to the amount of new business.

How to attract more enquiries

How to attract more enquiries

Simple Marketing Ideas Can Boost Your Firm’s Visibility and Sales. Here’s how to attract more enquiries for your kitchen business.

How to attract more enquiries

The right marketing plan can help kitchen and bath dealers boost their business.

Indeed, even doing simple things such as offering cooking demonstrations in your showroom, creating a newsletter and sending anniversary cards to your customers on the date their projects were completed could increase your firm’s visibility in the community, and endear you to your current customers. Plus, these types of simple marketing techniques may encourage current customers to recommend you to friends, family and co-workers. And, as everyone knows, word-of-mouth marketing is priceless.

How to attract more enquiries

During a recent educational conference sponsored by the member-owned co-op, Adrian McGivern addressed members on the topic of marketing and offered up some other simple ideas that are easy to implement and worth the investment. Among these ideas were the following:

  • Create a buying experience have a limo service pick up customers and bring them to the showroom for their appointment.
    Feed customers during appointments.
  • Offer to have a professional chef go to a customer’s home and cook a meal for 10 people in the new kitchen.

How to attract more enquiries

  • Send a letter to your customer’s neighbours to raise awareness about the work that you are doing at your customer’s home. Indicate to them that if they have any problems or concerns about noise, rubbish, etc., you apologise in advance and ask that they contact you immediately.
  • Participate in local home shows, and ask show management if you could present some seminars at the show. Offer to write articles for home shows or send pictures of completed jobs to include in show literature. Use sold projects for home show displays, as customers love to see their kitchens or baths and you could get a home show discount for the display.
  • Develop a coupon book that can be used only at your showroom, with discounts on items that you sell there. Try giving them away at home shows or auctions. Give away free design service for auction at schools, churches, etc.
  • Try using gift certificates for dinner or other items that must be selected at your showroom, as well. And, send gift certificates with customer survey forms.