Do you have the spark of enthusiasm?

Do you enjoy running your business – or has it turned into just a job?
Can you remember the first weeks when you started out on your own? Can you remember how you felt then? Excited, Nervous, Probably a little worried about it – wondering if you were doing the right thing?

Do you remember getting your first contract or job? And how that felt to you when you got “the go-ahead”?

When we’ve been running our own businesses for more than a couple of years – the excitement can wear off. and it does – unless you can get the spark going again.

A few years ago, I got fairly pe’ed off with my own business. I had taken my eye off the ball and was coasting.

Before I knew it I was back where I had started – competing will all the mediocre competitors for business. I was a me too business (that’s what I call them!).

This is true – I .think I just got worn down by the bull in the news all the time. Doom and gloom every where you turned.

I’m not sure how or why, but I got up one morning and a switch just seemed to come on. I had stopped reading the papers, stopped listening to the last word – which had been my favourite radio show in the evenings.
I basically removed the “doomsters” from my life.

Unfortunately – that included one or two individuals who I just felt sucked the happiness from my life every time I talked to them.

It’s definitely tough when you are in business on your own. And on that note, its definitely important who you mix with and who you allow to influence where you life takes you.

You need to have positive and intelligent people around you – to bounce ideas off, to provide morale support when you need it and to set you straight when your heading off in the wrong direction.

I had been reading a lot about goal setting and motivation and at the same time I went to a business award ceremony in the UK. One of the awards was for Entrepreneur of the year. Entrants had to submit a video as part of their application.

When the winner was announced, the organisers showed us a video for her winning entry. It was probably one of the biggest influences on me in my business life.

It seriously made me realise why I went into business in the first place – for my family and myself. I think all together I gave myself a kick up the ass to get going again.

That was how I found my spark again – and as long as I keep those those thoughts in mind – and choose how I am going to feel about the day – and say NO and ‘go away’ to those who want to suck the happiness out of me – I hold onto my happiness with both hands!

We can all have crap days. Days when nothing seems to go right and everyone appears to be against you.

But if you can get your spark going again – and you can – you will be able to stay motivated and in control.

If you are happy and motivated – it shows, and it rubs off on those around you – including your customers.

Have a great day.

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