Find a builder in Ireland

It’s a popular search term on Google. Find a Builder in Ireland or How to Find a good builder in Ireland.

How do you measure up on this? How would your customers find your business? Do you know exactly how your current customers found you?
Its important to know where your customers are coming from – then you will know that this form of marketing actually works. and if it works and the income from those customers justifies the expense of the effort – then do more of it…

I have spoken to many of our members who used websites like find a tradesman, online tradesmen and similar. These sites generally charge you a fee for being listed on the site – and then force you to compete on price for the job. If you really think about it – you are paying them to cut your prices. This is a ridiculous situation for any business – never mind tradesmen – who’s earnings have been whittled away by the effects of an 8 year long recession.

I know that many tradesmen join these “competition sites” to try to get more work. Maybe they have received text messages from these sites telling them that they have loads of work and nee tradesmen and builders to sign up quickly. maybe they just need more work quickly… This is the path of least resistance for many tradesmen looking for more work – its easy and quick – or at least that’s the premise that they join up to… And that’s generally where the good story ends. For many tradesmen and builders in Ireland it’s then a case of competing on price to get the work. These sites are a reverse auction – plain and simple – a race to the bottom…

The end customers enter the details of their job onto the website. Then the builders and tradesmen offer their best price for the work – and as the customer has no other way of distinguishing between the bidders – so the lowest price will win the day. There are three parties involved – the tradesman, the customer and the website operator (reverse auctioneer). The tradesman is the looser in this relationship every time – unless of course they are happy to work for the lowest price they can get…

So why am I telling you this? Two reasons. 1. To make you, the builder and tradesman aware of what will happen to your pricing when you participate in these find a builder type sites. Your profit will be eaten away by faceless competitors. And 2. to tell you that there is an alternative – well there are actually loads of alternatives – and we do our best to teach you what they are and how to use them. We teach our members how to distinguish themselves from their competition and to make themselves the tradesman of choice to their idea customers.

Unlike other national associations, we want you to succeed and will give you all the tools and help you need to get there. And unlike the competition websites we don’t want any of our members to be competing on price. Here’s to your success. If you are lucky enough to be off tomorrow, have a great weekend.

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