Getting stuff done!

Getting ‘Stuff’ Done…
Friday afternoon come and you wonder – “Where did my week go?”
We’ve all been there and looked back and thought that you didn’t achieve much for your past 5 days efforts.
Her’e s a useful tool to help focus your attention on the Important stuff and help cut out the time vampires..
For one day, carry with you a note book and keep a note of what your have done for every 15 minute slot during one full work day. Try and include as much detail as you can – so it will make reviewing your efforts easier later.
Now leave the notes until the following evening – leave them for a full day – or even two.
Looking back over your notes now, take a highlighter pen and highlight the items on your list that were absolutely critical that you had to do them (A) yourself – that no-one else could possible do them, and (B) the items that had to be done that day.
The other items are those that you should be delegating or outsourcing – or shouldn’t be done at all.
Think this is nonsense – then try it for a day. At a guess, there’s maybe 20% of the items on your list – and likely even more – you you should not be wasting your time on.
This ties in with your goals. If they things you are doing in your day are not congruent with your goals – then you have to decide why you are doing them…
Food for thought…

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