Goals – they’re not just for footballers.

Goals – they’re not just for footballers.
Goals in our personal lives and businesses are more important that we would give them credit for. They are great in helping you focus on what is important, giving you direction, measuring your own performance and helping you manage your time.
Great… that all sound like a load of corporate balls – but it’s not so bear with me for a minute…
Lets say that your goal was to bring the family on holiday to Disney Florida for 3 weeks. Lets put a number on the cost of that – maybe €10k. You now have a goal that says you need to take home an extra €10k from your business next year to pay for your holiday – and immediately you have a new goal for your business – to provide you with that extra income. you now know that you need an extra €200 per week (plus tax) of profit. You know your margins, so you can work out how many extra customers you need to generate this amount of profit. You know your conversion of leads to customers (or at least when you work with us in FMBI – you will) . So You’ll know how many additional leads you will need each week, So now, without any corporate BS, you can see what goals can be a great help – and really a necessity in your life and your business.
Goal setting will also help you manage your time better by helping you focus on what is important to meet those goals.
It’s a pretty big subject but its not rocket science. Most people given the time, can describe their goals clearly. Quite often all you need is a little help or coaching to get started and then maybe a little motivation to keep you going in the right direction.
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