Grow Your Business


Here’s an option that’s available to you:
We know that time is precious. It can be difficult to have enough time in your week to do everything – so we now offer a Done for You service to look after producing the marketing materials and run the campaigns that will generate the leads that you can convert to sales.
Lead generation creates the enquiries for you – getting your phone ringing!
It’s designed to allow you to concentrate on making the sales and doing the work.
This is not part of the member packages but is available as an add-on service.


Monthly Training Calls

Every month we run a training telephone conference call to go through in detail, the training material that was sent out that month.

We’ll work through examples of how we’ve put the material to work and show you how to use it in your business.

It’s an opportunity to ask questions and also to see how others are using it. Everything is simple, affordable and it works.


Seminars and Events
We will run member only seminars through-out the year across the country to give training, advice and demonstrations on specific topics that will Help Your Business Grow.
These events will provide you with Practical Help that You can Implement Immediately in your business At Little Or No Cost.
The seminars are half day and full day, covering crucial sales and marketing skills that will help you grow your profit fast.
Our aim is to get you growing that business quickly and profitably.
Too many business consultants will get you growth but at the expense of profit – not us.
We want you to Thing, Grow and Profit!
You should stop torturing yourself and join us.

We’ll help you get a better business that will give you a happier life!

There’s no magic wand included!

We’re not gonna make any false promises of how you can get rich quick.
We won’t tell you that we’re going to send a load of insurance work your way, or any pensioners groups scurrying to you with work for you.
We’ll leave that B.s. for someone else. We are not the tooth fairy!

What we can do is give you all the tools you need to attract more enquiries, teach you how to make more sales and help you keep more money as profit.
There will be No empty promises from us.
We’ll give you the tools and show you how to use them. We can even help you to put them into action, but you’re the only one who can do the work.

We’re gonna expect that you’ll do a great job for your customers and you take pride in your work. There’s no amount of marketing or sales skill, that can cover up bad workmanship or poor customer care.
You will live or die by your actions. As we do with ours!

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