How to get more business enquiries

How to get more business enquiries

Too few leads?
… Or too many at once? Do you want to know how to get more business enquiries?

What are you doing to generate leads for your business? Leads as in new enquiries, or customer leads – not dog leads!

For most businesses, the problem is more often a lack of good enquiries. ‘Good’ meaning that there is a real prospect of them actually turning into an order and work.

How to get more business enquiries

Part of life, for many small business owners, is dealing with a feast or famine of business. That swing from too little work, to too much is hard to manage.

Especially so if you have employees. But even if you work alone, it’s hard to manage the cashflow. The bills keep coming, even if the work doesn’t.

I’m sure you’d rather have the problem of too many enquiries than too few…
At least if you have lots of enquiries, you can pick and choose the customers and the work that’s best suited to you!

If you don’t have enough business leads, you’re often forced into taking what’s available.

Why does this happen – the feast and famine?

Usually its just because there’s no planned marketing going on. That’s no-ones fault. Certainly not the tradesman.

Trade/craft and many construction businesses are quite different from most others (retailers, distribution, manufacturers) in that most were started by the tradesman who decided that he (or she) no longer wanted to work for someone else.

Maybe you spotted an opportunity to provide your service at a better price than others, better quality than others, or just be able to make more money for yourself.

Nothing wrong with any of that. Well done for taking the chance and going for it.

But the big difference is that you learned your trade skills. You learned how to do great work. No one told you anything about marketing or selling.

To be fair, most tradesmen hate the idea of selling. Do you?

How to get more business enquiries

You’ve been told that if you just do great work, that word of mouth will bring more work. And it does. Great work gets talked about. You get referred to friends and family of your existing customers.

But there’s one problem.

It happens by chance!
Word of mouth is left to Lady Luck.

Yes, lots of business try advertising too. But very often we hear the complaint that advertising doesn’t work or it’s a waste of money.

And that’s very often true. It is often a waste of money because no-ones showing you how to do advertising that works for small businesses. That’s mostly the fault of the people selling the advertising. They sell brand advertising – that’s the type that big businesses do – to keep their brand names in our heads. But they have big budgets and are happy to spend lorry-loads of money to do this. You didn’t know – you just wanted help on how to get more business enquiries

You probably don’t have that kind of money available. I know I don’t. If we do brand advertising – 9 times out of 10, we’re gonna fail.

What’s the alternative?

That’s something that we share with our members. As well as helping them to make word of mouth work reliably, and in a planned way…

Would you like to know how to get more business enquiries

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