How to grow your business fast with marketing that works

How to grow your business fast

Do you know how to grow your business fast? Can it even be done?

Most tradesmen… actually most business owners struggle to to grow their business in any meaningful way. They grow slowly to a point and then the growth stalls.

Another thing these same business owners struggle with is marketing. Either they don’t do any at all, or they run an ad in the local paper, or get a listing on a web directory. Those last two options often lead to the first (doing nothing). To many people, marketing means advertising. To some, it means manipulation. Some people even think that sales and selling is bad…. If that’s you, you’ve been living under a rock for too long.

Is marketing and selling evil?

Of course not. What a ridiculous idea. You’ll laugh at people who still believe the earth is flat. But there are business owners who honestly believe that marketing and selling is a waste of their time – and money. They believe that if they’ve got a great product, or provide a great service – the customers will just appear!

Well, “build it and they will come” only happens in the movies. You may well have the worlds best product or service, but if no-one finds out about it, you won’t last long.

Marketing is everything that you do to get someone to meet with you, face to face or on the phone (or email). Selling is what you do with them face to face or on the phone.

Many business owners think marketing is advertising – which is partly true. Advertising is but one aspect of marketing. But there are lots of other moving parts to that machine. Your website, social media (E.g. Facebook and Twitter), your business cards, flyers, booklets, networking, referrals (word of mouth), your blog posts, sales letters, direct mail, catalogue, postcard, video, podcast, audio, and lots, lots more. There is so much you can do both online and offline that helps get attention and create interest.

How to grow your business fast using marketing.

Your marketing is what brings potential customers to your phone, email or door… Being the best in your trade does not. That’s not to say that you can get away with shabby work. You still have to do a great job, but rather than worry about doing one more course, or getting one more qualification, it would be better to do one more piece of marketing.

Maybe it’s lack of marketing knowledge, skill that’s stopping you doing it? Maybe you just don’t know where to start? Or, maybe, you’ve spent good money on advertising before and it didn’t work? That’s a common complaint. Wanna know why?

Most advertising fails, because the business owner leaves the creation of the ad, up to the designer…. the designer might know how to design an ad that’s pleasing to the eye – but they know nothing, absolutely nothing about marketing. And then you may wonder why advertising doesn’t make the phone ring? If that’s you, it’s not your fault. You’re like everyone else who has been mis-led by the ad salesman. Same goes for golden pages ads. Sames goes for web-sites.

Especially web-sites. Most websites don’t create leads or opportunities because web designers are focused on creating nice looking sites. They know how to create nice images and wavy lines that look great – but they’re rubbing at writing the copy or getting visitors to the site to take some action that gets you their contact details. Good money wasted.

FMBI are here to help you cure your marketing ailments! We show you how to do a little marketing that has big results.

We will help you out-market your competition. Our help won’t just help you attract more customers – it will help you get better customers, at better prices and help you make more profit. More profit isn’t a bad thing either? After all, that’s why you went into business anyway?

So, how would you like to find out how to grow your business fast? We’ll help you create effective marketing that doesn’t waste your money and get’s you more customers and make more money – and we give you a money back guarantee, too.

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