How you can differentiate your business to get more customers

We talked before about why you should differentiate your business.
This time I’m gonna help you understand how you can differentiate your business and stand out.
You already know that if you can’t be different, that you end up competing on price. And that’s not a place we want to be.
By providing your prospective customers with lots of helpful, valuable and easy to understand information, you will stand out and get more customers.

There are many ways you can do this, but essentially it entails creating good content that will help to educate your customers in a way that positions you and your business as the experts in your field. Read that last bit again so you can let it sink in for a minute….

Be seen as the expert in your field. You’re maybe thinking – Does that mean specialising? Yes it does. You say – but doesn’t that limit the amount of work if I specialise? Well yes in a way, you could say that it limits the work – but on the other hand, if you are a specialist, with specialist knowledge than no-one else has – doesn’t that make you more expensive than a general contractor?

Think about that for a minute. Take the example of painters and decorators and compare what the general painter can charge for their work, versus a specialist french polisher? Its still painting at the end of the day – but a very special painter!

Another example from personal experience. My younger brother Kevin is a sparky. Two years ago he was an electrician like most others. He worked long hours and honestly worked really hard. He’s also a very well trained and very experienced electrician and takes great pride in all his work. However, no matter how proud and neat and tidy he was – he couldn’t charge any more than his competitors – he was just another spark….

That was until I convinced him to “niche down” and specialise in the most expensive area of electrical work that there is. now instead of killing himself working for a wage, he’s working 3 weeks in every four and has more than doubled his income for the weeks that he works. Sometimes he’ll only work two weeks in four – but it doesn’t worry him. He’s far better off than he ever was.

So niching to a speciality is one way of doing it, another is to provide lots of useful information and give it away for free.¬†Give away your trade secrets. Tell the customer about the kind of questions that they should be asking. They will trust you more than everyone else for telling them. It’s a bit like giving them an ethical bribe. give lots of value away in advance and you will be rewarded for it.

The old saying holds true. The more you tell, the more you sell.

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