Is Marketing just a fancy name for Advertising?

For most small business owners – and not just those in the construction industry – they probably only associate marketing with advertising. That’s not their fault – they’ve never been told any different.

Without exception, marketing is THE most important aspect of any business, yet it is the one piece that is most overlooked.

So what is Marketing and why is marketing the most important aspect of my business. Sure that’s only for big companies with lots of money to spend on advertising?? WRONG.

For all small businesses, Marketing is everything that you do to that communicates with the world outside world. A lot of it is the small, simple stuff, like how you present yourself and your business, any branding you use (logos & van signs, etc.), how you answer the phone, how you speak to a customer (are you pleasant and friendly and the language you use), do you keep the workplace clean and tidy, do staff wear a uniform (or wear their own hoodies?).

These things and many more like them will seem at first irrelevant – but they all create an image of you and your business. The problem is that if you have been doing what your doing for a long time, you are most likely blind to any of it. You’ll probably think they are unnecessary and too much fuss. But these are the easy things to tackle at very little or no cost to you.

Making a small change in these simple aspects will create a whole new image for your business. And regardless of what you think, image is important – really important. It’s just a starting point, but it changes how you and your business are /perceived by potential customers.

If you want to attract more customers and have a chance of raising your prices – you need to be perceived as professional, reliable and trustworthy – and creating the right image is one step on the right path in that direction.

Have a think about it. And have a good day.
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