Can you spend likes?

Can you spend likes?

Have you tried paying your mortgage or your rent with likes?
No, I didn’t think so!

So beware of the latest scam artists, calling you up out of the blue and offering to help your facebook page to get 500 or more likes!

I had one of these calls after lunchtime today. I let the guy blather away for a while to see where he would lead… In the end, the business he works for was offering to get your facebook page 500 likes per month for €250 a month….

Depending on your perspective, you might think that’s not bad. But have you ever tried to bank likes? Will your staff or suppliers accept likes for payment?
I don’t think so.
I my humble opinion, There is NO value in getting likes.
The only value is getting customers to give you EURO’s that you can lodge in the bank.
Any promotional activity that you do – if it cant be tracked to putting money in the bank – it’s not worth doing.
Forget about brand building and brand identity and all that BS. You’re not Lever Brothers or Coca Cola – leave the brand identity crap to those guys with more money than they know what to do with.

For the small business owners like us – living in the real world – it’s only making money that counts. It’s the only measurement that matters.

The facebook like guy – he seemed liek a nice enough guy n the phone – an probably is – but you could tell by the shouting in the background that he was working in one of those pressure sales rooms in the UK – run by scamsters. It’s the same type of scam as the Google pay-per-click guys that ring you up now and then selling cheap google advertising.
Never, ever fall for these guys – mostly English or Indians…

Facebook advertising can bring you a lot of customers – but not the way that they sell it.
If you want to use Facebook advertising for small business – make sure that you are using it to send traffic to a landing page where you can get them to leave their contact details. This is one of our tools for growing your business and there is a complete step by step training for our members in the vault on this topic.

Making your business magnetic to the type of people who are actively seeking the services thet you provide is one very efective way of growing your business, while keeping the cost of promotion to the minimum.

Chat later.