Can You Make a Profit?

Is Profit a dirty word??? I had a conversation a few days ago with one new member who told me that he had been seriously been considering packing it in (he is a small builder) – to look for something else… He told me that in his town – Profit is a dirty word… What do you think of that??? Over the past 8 years we have, as a nation, been pretty pee’d off with umpteen stories about big developers and bankers who made massive profits (and ruined the country along the way) – and lets not leave out the crooked politicians in case we forget who had a massive hand in it! Anyway, we’ve been conditioned by all the storied in the media to associate profits with bad and or corrupt people – Profit=BAD…. The Socialists and the shinners would also have us believe that profit = bad people. Don’t fall for that for one minute… If it wasn’t for the opportunity to make a wee bit of profit – we would all be looking for a job with the state – and if Sinn Fein get into the Dail, they might just take back all the land and create a state building firm – maybe re-name sisk as Risk??? Ok enough of that… Back to profit… The opportunity to make a wee bit of a profit is what gate you the incentive to go out on your own and start your own business. It’s what you took the risk for. A bit of profit would allow you to move house, get a new car, have a better life style for your family – all good reasons – so why is it a bad word? It’s the reward for your hard work. for getting up early in the morning and working late in the evening. It’s the incentive that you need to take a new employee on, to buy a new van, or new drill. It’s what keeps you gong when the going gets tough. It stops you thinking “I’m as well off on the dole”. It’s the opportunity to make a profit that keeps the wheels of the economy turning. Otherwise – we turn into the Greeks. Socialism and equality have been tried in other countries – and they’ve failed – so what will make it different here??? Nothing good can come from it. Blame the bankers, the politicians and the big developers who made massive profits (totally unimaginable profits for us mortals) – blame them and lets have them properly punished for the damage they caused us for the last 8 years – but don’t blame the small builder who was just trying to a decent profit. That’s the incentive you need now to get up of your back side and get cracking again! There’s a lot of work to be done – so what are you waiting on? (By the way – I’m not down on SF – I don’t think that a social experiment is going to help any of us – except those who don’t want to work. .. in my humble opinion – most of our politicians are a disgrace – they will all look after their own self centred adjenda.The independents are probably the pick of them.)



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