Small business marketing to make more money

Small business marketing to make more money

You may think that marketing is a waste of time and a load of B.S.? If you do, you aren’t on your own. In fact, most tradesmen and small building companies feel that way. Regardless of what you think. I’m gonna telly you why you need small business marketing to make more money.

So go ahead, have a little smile. You’re part of a big gang. And sure, ignorance is bliss….

I don’t mean that as a jibe or insult – definitely not. In your world, marketing means advertising – and you’ve gotten nothing out of advertising. It’s been a complete waste of your money to now – so why waste any more on it? I agree completely. Most advertising that small, local businesses do, if a complete waste of money. Want to know why? Because you were sold a pup!

The truth is that you’ve been a victim of the advertising salesperson. And they aren’t bad people. It’s their job to sell advertising space – not to make it work for you. They’ll sell you a 1/4 page for €500 or a credit card sized ad for €120 (or whatever). They don’t care what you put in that space.

More than often – to get you on board in their paper – they offer to create an advert for you. They have graphic designers in the paper who will create the advert for you for free. A nice little bonus for you, if you buy the space from them! Or so you think…. You’ve just become their next victim!

To be fair to the graphic designers, they know their trade. They’re probably good are creating nice looking layouts in the paper. But they’re terrible at creating adverts. Woeful. When it comes to creating adverts that make money get the phone to rng or the door to swing – they’re useless. And it’s not their fault. It’s not their job.

Seriously. It isn’t their job. It’s yours. It’s up to you to take responsibility for it. But hardly anyone in business realises that. They think that because they’re paying for the space – that the space will bring them customers. For most – it might as well be an empty space.

So enough of that..

Why you need small business marketing to make more money.

You can’t grow a business without getting more customers. A constant flow of new enquiries and customers is a must.

Most tradesmen and small builders think they can rely on word-of-mouth to keep the lights on. As much as word-of -mouth is a good way  of getting customers – it’s not reliable. Or at least it’s not reliable in the way that most businesses use it. You need to do some real marketing. even a little bit will be more than your competition is doing. You need to be doing something. Even a few activities of small business marketing to make more money.

Here’s a few things that will help you.

  • Have a decent website that’s ranked on google
  • Have a referral network
  • Have a managed referral system
  • Pay per click advertising
  • Display advertising
  • Direct response advertising
  • A loyalty scheme
  • Manage repeat business
  • Video marketing
  • Direct mail
  • Neighbourhood marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Retargeting advertising campaigns

Some of these will require that you spend a little money. Some are free. All require a little effort and a bit of thought.

Here’s a little rule of thumb. The more that it costs to use – the better the returns will be. If you spend money – you make money – if you do it right. Free is not usually the best. Free is what everyone else does – if they do anything.

Before you do anything – you should look at what everyone else around you does – and think about what you can do differently.

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