How to create your small business marketing strategy

How to create your small business marketing strategy

In one moment, I’ll tell you how to create your small business marketing strategy. But first, let me ask why you need a marketing strategy in a small business? Isn’t strategy something that only big businesses do?

Well kinda… Or rather, it’s only big businesses that actually talk about strategy. It’s normally something that’s put together at a high level and then forced upon the “little people” further ¬†down the organisation.
But small businesses need a strategy too. Why? Simply because in a small business we have limited marketing resources – both money and time are limited. Without a though-out and written down strategy, we can be tempted to chase every new shiny object that comes along. We’ll hear or read about how the latest new social media is the place to be… Or that someone is getting loads of business with Google. Or the Golden Pages rep calls us up and tells you about the great deal he can do for you….

Without a defined marketing strategy to follow – we can easily become advertising victims!

Creating a marketing strategy may seem like over-kill for your business – but t will help you to attract the type of customers that you want. It helps keep you focused and doing only the type of work that you want. And it will help make you more money – which is the most important…

Now I’m gonna tell you how to create your small business marketing strategy.

There’s three simple steps to follow.
1. Define your ideal client or customer.

This means you need to think about how your best customers have been in the past. Those who were the easiest people to work with. Those who didn’t haggle on price. those who paid on time. Those who referred you to their friends, family and colleagues.
This is the general criteria for an ideal customer.

2. Create a marketing message that will attract the attention of your ideal customer.

This is not about being the cheapest guy around. The whole purpose of creating a marketing strategy is that it automatically makes your business more profitable and less stressful. the alternative is serving customers who are a pain, and working for low prices. I hope this is an incentive for you to do this bit of thinking…
Think about the best customers you’ve had. What was most important to them? What did they value most? What could you say that would appeal to them?

3. Decide how best to get your newly created marketing message in front of your ideal customers.

Part of the process of defining your ideal customer should have got you to think about how your past customers have found you. did they see your advert somewhere? Did they find your website? Were they referred to you? Was it a flyer that got their attention? This is probably something that you haven’t given much thought to before. But doing it now will save you lots of time, money and more importantly, bring you more customers.

Now this is a high level guide on how to create your small business marketing strategy. There is obviously a bit of work to be done to create this and a bit of thinking. the more effort you put in to doing this – the more you will benefit. You’ll attract better customer, more customers and make more money. You’ll also have a business that’s more fun and less stressful.

If you think that this is all a bit daunting or troublesome – fear not. We run a workshop for all our new members on this very subject. The good news is that by the time you leave the workshop, you’ll have your strategy more or less completed.

If you’re interested in learning more, contact Adrian at or finn out the contact form, and I’ll be happy to help or point you to some free resources that will get you started.

How to create your small business marketing strategy

Reality versus Imaginary Small Business Marketing

Reality Versus Imaginary Small Business Marketing….

Okay, I may get some flack for this – but big deal.

After a half hour on the phone with a contractor, I think I have to explain a truth… It’s might just hurt your feelings a bit!

Many tradesmen feel that being really good at their job and doing good work is enough to get ahead. It’s not. It probably worked at one time but you can’t rely on that alone any longer.

Profitable small business marketing
Profitable Builders Marketing

Doing a good job and relying on word-of-mouth to attract new business is a glorious idea – but it leads to a lot of unprofitable work. You see, when you take this approach – (and I know this to be true, as I was once guilty, and I’ve spoken to hundreds of business owners in the same boat) – you end up chasing work at a low price, just to stay busy.




If works running out and you’re pricing new business – you’re inclined to keep the prices low – to get a foot in the door. If works scarce, and a customer comes back asking for a lower price, you’re more likely to give a discount.

And if you’re competing with lots of others with the same attitude, it’s a race to the bottom.

So, how do you avoid this situation? There a few things – there’s actually lots, but heres a few small business marketing secrets. One way is to be seen as the expert who specialises in your ‘thing’. A specialist can ask higher prices at the outset. another way is to have a steady flow of enquiries coming your way. This allows you to pick and choose the customers that you want to work with – which allows you to choose the more profitable work.

Another reality is that people don’t always want to buy on price. The common belief is that your customers only want the cheapest, lowest price. But that’s so wrong. They probably do want the best value – but value and price are not the same thing.

Think of this example. If everyone wanted the cheapest kitchen – then they’d all be running to IKEA for a cheap option – but they don’t. No matter how poor the economy was, there wasn’t too many housewives around who would be happy with an ikea kitchen! Would there?

Price is only important in the absence of better information. If you educate your customers, you’ll help them make better choices. And… if you’re the one doing the educating, there’s the opportunity to position yourself as the best option!

It’s unfortunate for the many – that they have this idea that marketing is about manipulating the public or that it’s salesy… It is also fortunate for the few – that the many have this stupid idea. Small business marketing is the smart way to attract more customers, build relationships with them that creates more repeat and referred business – and puts more money in your pocket.

I’ll get back down of my soap box now!