The Monday Morning Madness

Just a short note this morning to see how your morning has gone? As planned or a bit chaotic?

If you were really well organised, you would have wrote yourself a list of things to do on Monday morning – on Friday evening last – but in the real world for most, that doesn’t happen. If you were fairly well organised – you might have done this yesterday afternoon (Sunday) – but maybe that too is a little too much – after all, Sunday is for relaxing…

When you work for your self, it’s easy to take the path of least resistance and just “wing it” come Monday. But how often does Just winging it pay off? Very often, without knowing it, you become a victim of your business and end up chasing your tail for the morning, wasting time, energy and money….

The moral of the story, please?
There’s one small change you can make in your business today, than can have a tremendous impact on your finances – and it will not cost you a penny to implement…. One security company that I worked with were on the verge of collapse when I met them. They were very busy but not making any profit. Their prices were not too low – in fact they were a little higher than many of their competitors. the owner and his wife worked long hours every day and at the weekends. They had four installers on the road and regularly subcontracted work out, but the owner and his wife were taking a lower salary than they paid their employees – just to try to keep the business going.
With one small change (not increasing their prices) – they were able to turn a turn a loss making business to a €5500 profit in the first three months.

Want to know what we did? Drop me a line at and I will let you in on the secret….

Talk again soon.

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