Why Does Your Business Need A Website?

Why do You Need a Web site?

Unless you’ve been locked away in a cave somewhere for the last X years, you will have almost always used one means of finding a supplier or business…. and that means of finding thing is… Google!!!

…and if you want to be found on Google – you’ll be found much easier if you have a web site!

You might reply – but I have a Facebook page – or it’s expensive to get a website – or maybe there’s another excuse …

Starting with Facebook – Google doesn’t have a great affinity for facebook – and unless there are no other results that closely match what you are searching for – Google won’t display a facebook on page 1.
Add to that, a Facebook page, unless it’s been set up specifically for your business, is generally not the best first impression you want to give a prospective customer.

A web site, properly designed to attract prospective customers (they only become customers when they begin to spend money with you), will be your opportunity to target your IDEAL customers.

After all, there’s no point attracting people who want the cheapest supplier/builder/ tradesman? Is there? You want to attract the people who you would like to work with as customers. Bingo!

So is a web site expensive? Well if you get a web designer who wants to build you their dream site – with all the bells and whistles, and might win them a design award – then yes – it probably will be expensive.

On the other hand – if you want a site that’s designed specifically to attract the right type of customer and encourage them to contact you – look professional, but not too flash – then no it wont – and especially if you are using our discount voucher…

Get in touch with us – even if it’s only for a quick chat about getting your site started.

Talk soon!

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